Nall Insanity Speed Elixir- Wet Track

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This prep is your replacement for the common "Goat Pee of Gold" but with many added benefits. Our product not only replaces these but out performs them in many areas. When that soaked tire is needed and the track has a high moisture content with low bite conditions this is the go to prep of choice. Wet track uses a blend of chemicals that offer a big drop in durometer readings while providing the necessary bite to go fast. It works wonderfully as an inside and outside prep when conditions dictate. For the greatest amount of duro drop its recommended to roll inside and to be wiped during the week. It can be used on all tires to achieve a great soaked tire need. This can also be used as an at track prep to keep delivering lower readings along with added top bite. It provides the tire the needed conditioning to keep it from drying out as other aggressive chemicals do. There really is no other replacement for the type of benefit this prep allows when the wet track condition exists.