Nall Insanity Speed Elixir- Hardtrack Outside

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Is an effective go to prep during those hot Summer months when track bite is high and minimal amount of prepping is needed. It's a great product to wipe at the track to keep that top bite present while not getting deep enough to hurt a tire over a longer run. This prep can also be a great mid week prep to keep the tire fresh and ready for race day. Too many times we see customers getting overzealous and hurting a tire during Summer conditions with more aggressive preps but Hardtrack Outside will allow you to wipe and still maintain your tire life if overworked. It's not a lasting prep that gets deep so if overworked then a little time or a an on track cycle will help the tire bounce back with minimal damage. We recommend Hardtrack Outside from Pink Maxxis to Burris's. This is a versatile prep in that its a recommended prep for our Burris tire program. Burris tires can be tricky at times with the rubber compounds varying from the norms of many other tires but when used according and paired with Hardtrack Inside this combination has been proven very effective. These two less aggressive preps allow you to work the tire as you would a Maxxis for normal midweek conditioning and at track preparations.